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I wanted to start with a first blog post introducing you to my favorite florists.

I’m a real flower lover and I love seeing the creations of the suppliers who work in this field.

I’m going to share with you my top florists in Canada as well as my favourites in Portugal.

It starts like this:


My top florists in Quebec:


La Blandinerie 

Stéphanie of La Blandinerie is someone I’m particularly fond of and whose work I’ve admired for years. Their signature is unique. They have a touch all their own, marrying different textures & movements to great effect, giving a magnificently rustic result.


Atelier Carmel

When I walk into a wedding and it’s Atelier Carmel, I immediately recognize the arrangements, which are majestic and carefully crafted and chosen for each occasion.


CK Flowers

CK flowers creations are always stunning and tasteful. You can’t go wrong with them. You’ll be treated to something romantic, refined and natural.


Par Anaïs

In her world of purity and delicacy, Anaïs embodies joy and authenticity. In her creations, she takes care to create a personal atmosphere, just like you.


Tendem Floral

Cynthia of Tendem is one of those gems whose talent is second to none. Her unique creations are the fruit of her passion, expertise and love of nature. She has a keen sense of aesthetics and an ability to imagine and design unique arrangements.


Chic & Champagne

Sandy and her team are first and foremost designers and wedding planners. If you hire them, you’ll also be treated to their exceptional & meticulous floral skills, which give way to sophisticated & timeless results.



Astilbe has a solid reputation. They know how to make natural, elegant flower arrangements with a garden twist!



Bloma is located in Estrie and makes exceptional bouquets that are creative, unpretentious and in harmony with nature. They are definitely the best in their region.



My favorite in Toronto : 


Blush & Bloom

Blush & bloom is located in Toronto and is, in my opinion, one of the best Canadian florists. Its very floral look is marked by little greenery and unique blends.


My favourites in Portugal :


Bosquet ConceptsLisbonne

If you’re getting married in Portugal near Lisbon, Bosquet Concepts is a must. Their creations are a tribute to nature. They draw their inspiration from the organic textures of the forest, and the changing nuances of the seasons.


Florida Studio – Porto

Florida Studio carefully selects seasonal flowers, creating compositions that reflect the richness and diversity of the present moment. They recognize the ephemeral beauty of each flower and bring it to life in their creations.

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